Ding,Ding,Ding, Danica vs. Milka Round One

In the latest and possibly greatest of Danica run ins, She and Milka had a little pit box confrontation during practice for the 2nd annual Mid Ohio Indycar Race.  After several near accidents between Danica Patrick and the much slower Milka Duno, it all hit the fan when Danica dropped a few choice words and in return she received a towel in the face, not once but twice.  My personal favorite part of “towel gate” has to be the guy that just jumped in between them leaning against the box as if nothing was happening.  Definitely a classic moment.  Say what you want about the incident (comments are welcome) but this is a great thing as its not only been all over ABC/ESPN family of networks but every local news station in North America, I’ve even seen it on Inside Edition of all places.


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