*WARNING* Robin Miller News

According to the not always accurate Robin Miller, the Indycar series will adopt the “optional” tires on the road/street circuits for the 2009 schedule.  If true, this could be one of the best moves the ICS has made since unification.  Not only does it lead to more passing and just plain better racing it also leads to more strategy, thus giving the smaller teams a better chance of a podium finish, and parity is key to successful series.


3 Responses to “*WARNING* Robin Miller News”

  1. I think you meant “parity” and not “parody”, unless of course you were being ironic.

  2. indcar500 Says:

    Fixed, what can I say, spelling is not my strong suit.

  3. Gotcha. And in the interest of full disclosure allow me to state for the record that I am not your full-time editor.

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