Turbos Are Back

According to the always reliable Curt Cavin, Turbocharged engines will be back in the IRL for the new 2011 car design.  The only decisions yet to be made is if it will be 4 or 6 cylinders and if they want to go the twinturbo route.  Because the manufactureres want to have engines “relevant to their consumer product”, they are leaning towards the 6 cylinder.  The plan to switch from the normally asperated engines that Indycar fans have been used to since 97′, will be shared with the three or four engine manufacturers that are expected to attend the next roundtable on September 16-17 at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.  Not only will the switch dramatically change the sound of the current Honda engine, but it will also increase by 100 horesepower, from the current 650.  They hope to have all the specs decided on by December, to give 2 years for designing, testing and mass producing of the new engine slated to be ran in the 2011 season.


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