Tags is Back

Conquest Racing has called upon Alex Tagliani to replace the injured Enrique Bernoldi to race in Sunday’s Indy Grand Prix of Detroit.  Bernoldi who has competed in a few practice sessions in Detroit says “I couldn’t give my all (in practice) because of my left hand”.  The left hand that he is speaking of what injured in a spin in qualifications last weekend, taring a ligament in his thumb, rendering him unable to compete this weekend.  Tagliani who was scheduled to run in a NAPCAR Canadian tire event this weekend had this to say.”It’s a lot to learn in a 30-minute session for me, I’ve been used to the heavy cars and think I was a little bit rusty in the open-wheel cars. I’m catching it, but Detroit is not the track to get back in it, test and help the team with their chassis setup and everything. The opportunity is there so I’m definitely going to take it. My goal and my wish is to be back here with everyone.”


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