252 Days Till’ Indy!

Good Luck, & Have Fun!

UPDATE: A little more of the cars

UPDATE: Good Work Mmack & Gurney Eagle


2 Responses to “252 Days Till’ Indy!”

  1. #2 is Al Unser Sr’s 1970 Indy 500 winning PJ Colt “Johnny Lightning Special”

    #27 is Al Unser Sr’s 1992 Indy 500 ride. It’s a Lola T92\Buick V6 from the Menards Racing Team

    #5 is Mario Andretti’s 1989 Lola T89\Chevy Indy V8 from Newman Haas Racing

  2. Gurney Eagle Says:

    2 – Al Unser Sr.
    5 – Mario Andretti
    27 – Nelson Piquet

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