A Little Game!!

Lets play a little game, there are 253 days until the 09′ Indy 500.  I will post a few pictures of the numbers on a couple cars that equal 253.  Then we can see who can guess one or both of the cars/drivers.  For each day that passes without the correct answer, I will reveal more and more of the car (s), and once the correct answer is given I will update with a new set of cars and updated numbers.  Answers can be posted as a comment or can be sent via E-mail to 16thandgeorgetown@live.com.  Have Fun!!

I will start off a little easy and more recent:

Very good Zappatista, It was Roth/Viso before I changed the “3” because I wanted to make it a little more challenging.  Does anybody know where the current 3 came from?

  • Hint- Driver has an Indy 500 Pole.

UPDATE:  Good work, Matt in Florida it is Marty Roth (04) & Greg Ray (04)




2 Responses to “A Little Game!!”

  1. Roth/Viso…

  2. greg ray?

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