249 Days till’ Indy

Good Luck & Have Fun!

UPDATE: Very inpressive Mmack, I’ll try to make it a little harder in a few hours for the next update.  I’ll try to go “old school”


3 Responses to “249 Days till’ Indy”

  1. From left to right:

    Tim Richmond’s 1980 Indy 500 ride. It’s Car #21, a Penske PC-7 Cosworth
    Bill Vukovich Sr’s 1953 Indy 500 winning #14 Fuel Injection Special Kurtis Offenhauser
    Lynn St. James from 1995, Car #99 Lola Ford Cosworth. This was a tricky one since the car was renumbered #90 for race day. Only having a Giant Auto Supply poster with a picture of that car on it reminded me.

  2. Very nice! Am I seeing that incorrectly or is that Richmond ride sponsored by the “UNO” card game?

  3. Yep, your seeing it correctly, UNO sponsored Tim in 80″

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