Meira Finds A Ride

As reported by, Vitor Meira has found a ride for 09′ and possibly 2010, and coincidently it is with a team that had there garage at Indy right next to Panther.  A.J. Foyt racing has signed Vitor to pilot the #14 ride, apparenty leaving Darren Manning without a ride and had this to say: “There’s no hard feelings,” said Manning, of North Yorkshire, England. “We had a good couple of years of improvements. Getting me on board was part of making his team better and I think we did that. I wish him well. We had a good relationship and I expect that to continue no matter what I end up doing.”  

Vitor was obviously happy to find a ride, although with a team that is probably a step down from Panther and he had this to say: “I’m really excited about this opportunity to work with Vitor,” said Foyt, who negotiated Meira’s deal. “We’re looking forward to getting Vitor his first win in the IndyCar Series and getting A.J. Foyt Racing back into Victory Lane with ABC Supply.”  If your a Meira fan, you will not have to wait until 09′ to watch him with his new team, because Vitor has been confirmed for the Australian race.


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  1. Love it! Foyts the man.

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