OOO How The Tide As Turned…. Nascar’s Stanton Barrett To Indycar Full Time

WOW, now this is a stunner.  According to the always reliable Curt Cavin, Greg Beck’s team will be fielding a full time Indycar ride next year for long time Stuntman and Nascar Driver Stanton Barrett.  Not only are there no Indycar drivers defecting to Nascar this year but over the last few weeks 2 drivers have defected from Nascar to Indycar.

As a side note Stanton and A.J. Foyt IV both played in the “Dukes of Hazzard”, Stanton as stuntman and Foyt as himself.  Just a little useless info.

Getting To Know Stanton

  1. Barrett made his Nascar debut in 1992 at the age of 19
  2. 2 Nationwide poles with 6 Top 10’s
  3. Owns his own Nascar Sprint Cup and Nationwide team
  4. Godson of NHL co-owner Paul Newman
  5. Son of Stan Barrett who raced Nascar from 80′-90′
  6. Has worked as a stuntman in, Spider Man 1 2 &3, Batman, Mr. & Mrs. Smith Jurassic Park 2 & 3, Blade, The Nutty Professor and Volcano, among others

One Response to “OOO How The Tide As Turned…. Nascar’s Stanton Barrett To Indycar Full Time”

  1. Cool I guess now drivers are leaving Nascar for Indycar? Ok.

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