Indianapolis Motor Speedway Testing (Day 1)

More Photos can be seen in the “Indycar IMS Test” page on the right side of your screen


As you can tell by the photos, Dixon by far ran the most laps in the second half of testing, followed by Hunter-Reay , Wheldon & Briscoe.  The photos of Wheldon are some of the first published in his new Panther Racing ride.

UPDATE  3:13: Dixon, Hunter-Reay, and Wheldon have all been on track without incident

UPDATE 2:26: Track is green, Wheldon & Hunter-Reay are on track

UDATE 2:15: Trucks are off, and track seems to be dry although there is a stiff wind, but no cars on yet. 

UPDATE 12:57: Rains has completely stopped , I count 7 trucks drying track

UPDATE 12:46: The rain has began to fall , Dan has pitted.  The rain is begining to clear and shouldnt last long

UPDATE 12:42: They are off lunch and Dan Wheldon is on track


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