D&R Poll

After a couple days of little to no Indycar news, I decided to surf a couple team sites and what do I find?  A poll is up on the Dreyer & Reinbold racing site asking for a fans opinion of D&R’s best moment of the 08′ season.  Before reading the choices, the first things that popped into my head were Townsend Bell’s start at Milwaukee, passing 10+ cars on the first lap and the solid 3 finishes of 8th,10th, and 19th for the 3 car operation at Indy.  So what moment is currently in the lead with a margin of 3% in the ongoing poll?  Well, of course its “Towel Gate” of Milka Duno throwing a towel in the face of Danica in Mid-Ohio.  I should of guessed.


One Response to “D&R Poll”

  1. It’s not “Best” Moment. It’s “Favorite” Moment. BIG difference… 🙂

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