Helio Asks To Race

One of the biggest questions in Indycar circles the last week or so has been who, if anyone, will drive the 3 car for Surfers?  Well, props go out to Isitmayyet for uncovering the news that Helio is asking the courts in Florida to allow him to race in the upcoming Nikon Indy 300 in Australia.  This could be a sign that Penske Racing is interested and thinks that the 33 year old will be able continue his racing career in the IRL.  The article says that a judge has scheduled a hearing for “Friday afternoon” for the request.  I am assuming they mean today, so stay tuned for more details.

UPDATE 4:25: Within the last hour, the Judge has made his decision and Helio has received permission to race in the Nikon Indy 300, assuming Roger is “OK” with it (and you know he is) the long thought over question of who will be in the 3 car has been answered.  This also sets precedent for Helio possibly being able to leave the country next season for the races in Motegi, Edmonton, and Toronto.


One Response to “Helio Asks To Race”

  1. Racing Fan Says:

    On other sites people are complaining that Helio should be no different than other taxpayers and should not be given exception to travel. I think they should let him go, they have nothing to lose. If he leaves and doesn’t come back they have over 8 million secured to seize that he would default on. It’s not like when Wesley Snipes fled the country and they didn’t have sufficient assets to cover the loses. If he leaves they have 8 million and wont have trial costs. They won’t get near that much at trial and it saves the taxpayers the cost of jail. Its a win-win for everyone, let Helio race.

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