Roth’s Run Is Over

Word out of Canada is that the IRL has ended Marty Roth’s Career (at least in Indycar).  Although there has been no change to his website, the article has many quotes from Marty that give the article a lot of creditability.  He may not be the fastest out there but he rarely wrecks anybody out and has been there when the IRL needed him, ala the 04′ Indy 500.


2 Responses to “Roth’s Run Is Over”

  1. where is the “yes, for the 500, some ovals and Toronto but only if he runs another (better) driver for a full season” option?

  2. Sounds like the limited schedule was only offered to Roth as a driver. Had he been amenable to hiring a driver, he would have been accepted– indeed encouraged– to run a full schedule.

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