Bourdais Back To America?

An article up by Speed Tv, leaves the possability of Sebastian Bourdais returning to the U.S.

  • The German magazine also reports that Bourdais is only prepared to wait until the end of this month for Toro Rosso chiefs to sign him up for 2009. Should he not find a job in F1 for next year, he is lining up options to return to the American scene.

    “For sure, there are some options but for now the target is to stay here,” Bourdais confirmed.

Although there is a chance of Bourdais returning, I just dont see it happening, atleast not to the IRL, especially after this quote from a few years ago:

  • “As soon as you start travelling between walls at 300kph plus and you’re going to have an impact that you’re pretty sure is going to break your back then that is something that is just too daunting,” says Bourdais.“I did it in Indy and I felt like a survivor after the race, especially since my team-mate [Junqueira] broke his back, and yeah it’s obviously something you double think.

    “I talked about it with Claire [Sébastien’s wife] and we didn’t feel like it was smart thing, when you’re expecting a baby and everything, to finish in a wheel-chair at best if it goes wrong: that’s not something I’m really too keen on. Obviously Formula One is very dangerous as well, but you don’t need to push it to the extreme and take unnecessary chances.”



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