Walker Racing “Stuff” Up For Grabs

If you are like me, then you have always wanted a giant 7ft X 14ft photo of Sarah Fisher’s rookie ride.  Or a 40% scale model of Robby Gordon’s 95′  Reynard, used for wind tunnel testing.  Or mabey a First place trophy of the 92″ Michigan 500 won by Scott Goodyear strikes your fancy.  Well all of the prementioned and much, much more can be found on ebay, all being sold off by Walker Racing.

Could Walker be selling off all the “stuff” to help finance an 09′ ride?  Or could they be closing there doors for good?  Who knows, but if you are unlike me and can afford some of the great memorabilia, then bid and bid high.  Just remember, you could be helping to fund another car to make bump day a little more interesting for the 09′ 500!


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