Bob Jenkins To Lead Versus Broadcast


Word has it that Bob Jenkins will anchor the 13 race Versus deal for the 09′ IRL season.  More info to come…


2 Responses to “Bob Jenkins To Lead Versus Broadcast”

  1. good choose.of bob one of the top guys around! the rest of the crew should bemyself (don newcomb), larry rice, gary lee, pits, gary geroude, breniann pedigo and kevin lee. the coroners should be mark james and brain gerster. sounds like a winner !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! don

  2. Harvey Pelovsky Says:

    Bob Jenkins is stuck in the 60’s and 70’s and has ZERO business being hired to do modern-day IndyCar broadcasts.
    Whenever he fills in he is clueless (unlike Marty Reid) as to what is happening in the world of open wheel, the drivers, crews, business aspects.

    A very BAD choice!!

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