UOWWBA Response

The Latest UOWWBA question goes like this:

” You have just been appointed to be the new “talent scout” for the IRL. Your first mission is to bring 5 drivers to the series. These can be former drivers from Indycar or from any other series. Which 5 would you pick and why?

Here’s my take:

Tony Stewart: A huge talent who left the IRL way to soon.  He’s a great driver and would bring a much needed personality to the series, and after he’s finished behind the wheel, he would make a great owner.

Lewis Hamilton: Still incredibly young with many years ahead of him, Lewis would bring some more diversity to the series along with a world wide known name.  OOOO, and did I mention he’s one of the best drivers in the world?

Sebastian Bourdais: Although he has thrown the IRL under a bus, car, truck, semi, and a train, you can’t deny the talent.  After winning 4 consecutive Champ Car titles with American open-wheel split, I would love to see what he could do now that everyone is together.

Paul Tracy: Not only would he bring a ton of Champ Car fans to the IRL but did you watch the Edmonton race?  Need I say more?

Valentino Rossi/Nicky Hayden: I couldn’t make up my mind between the two.  Hayden would add another young American with a great personality to the series.   On the other hand Rossi has an already established humongous fanbase around the world that would fallow him where ever he went.  Plus I would love to watch the 2 wheel to 4 wheel transition but I won’t be picky, either would do.

All 5 are highly unlikely, but hey, a guy can dream!!


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