2 Steps Forward 1 Step Back: Detroit GP “Postponed”

UPDATE:  In todays Indianapolis Star Curt Cavin reports that the date could be filled another race and has a quote from John Griffin, League Spokesman:

“That’s a pretty valuable weekend for us.  Memorial Day, Labor Day and the Fourth of July weekend are very inportant race weekends”


Although not the most exciting race on IRL schedule, I hate to lose any event and according to the Indianapolis Star the IRL has scaled back to a 17 race schedule for 09′ after losing Belle  Isle.

  • “This is a real economic time of distress for everyone. We couldn’t sit here and count on a lot of things happening (from a sponsorship standpoint) that we knew weren’t going to happen knowing that (Detroit) is so distressed with unemployment and all the things going on.”-Roger Penske

On top of the tough economic times, the Michigan race fans lost the Michigan race after 07′ and now the Detroit GP is gone after just 2 races.  Although it is a hit for the Indycar Series, you really have to feel for the fans in Michigan.


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