National Geographic To Air Indianapolis Motor Speedway Special


The National Geographic channel is set to re-air a 1 hour special on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on New Years Day (Thursday) at 10:00 am EST, and if you feel like getting up a little earlier, they are also airing “Need For Speed” at 9 am.  Not quite sure what the latter is about  so be warned it could be about the N-word.  But I’m sure the special on IMS will be a must see, and help us get through an entirely to long off season.


5 Responses to “National Geographic To Air Indianapolis Motor Speedway Special”

  1. I just found it on my guide and the description reads something along the lines of a special about the “technology of the worlds most famous racing track” but like most cable shows it will more than likely be a bit undetailed for most anyone over the age of 2.

  2. Matt Chamois Says:

    Is “Need For Speed” not the show that folllowed Mario Andretti around a few tracks and show onboard coverage and iMax cinematography. Obviously we don’t have iMax in our living rooms, but, it is worth taking a look.

  3. I think the IMAX flick you’re thinking of “Super Speedway”. Regardless, the DVR is locked and loaded to record. Thanks.

  4. Matt Chamois Says:

    Well, it never showed up here in Canada, we just got re-runs of Dogtown all day long. Any word if you guys got it? If so how was it?

  5. Yea it came on here in Indy. It wasn’t bad. It was more about the pagoda and road course being built then anything. The show that came on before was about the safety featurest that go into the cars and was 90% about open wheel, as they fallowed Adrian Fernandez.

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