Doornbos To Sign With Newman Haas Lanigan + KV Makes Decisions

UPDATE: Indycar & Indystar both are confirming what Is It May Yet? reported yesterday, that Mario Moraes will be behind the wheel of one of KV’s two entrys in 09′. The Indianapolis Star is reporting that both Oriol Seriva and Will Power are in the mix for the 2nd seat at KV along with Indycar outcast Paul Tracy.

According to Auto Sport News, Robert Doornbos who has been rumored to sign with HVM is set to sign with NHL on Wednesday sometime. The deal is said to be 99% complete and the two have an oral agreement.


One Response to “Doornbos To Sign With Newman Haas Lanigan + KV Makes Decisions”

  1. […] Also, 16th and Georgetown reports that Robert Doornbos will be joining Graham at Newman/Haas/Lanigan. […]

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